This sculptural creation shares the same story as the Black-Light except that it was designed several years before and made a year later.

To cut a long story short there is this 1 micron thick aluminium foil coated in a matt black heat proof paint used in film and TV lighting. It is malleable yet holds it shape, a perfect sculpting material and completely matt black!


Crunk chair, Charlie Davidson, 2007-08


Scale model, 2007

Forming a Crunk chair, Milan furniture fair

I made two 'crunks' during the 2008 Milan furniture fair. I taped together 5 x 6m long sheets of black aluminium foil to create a 6m square. I then placed the entire sheet over a basic chair frame made of MDF and then started moulding the foil around the chair frame to create a chair. The final adjustment was simple, I just sat in it. The last part was to turn the chair upside down and fill the void between the chair and aluminium foil with expanding polyurethane foam.


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